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Puppets World is an international award-winning puppet theater based in Jordan 🏆
Puppets World for development of children, is a pioneering organization based in Jordan dedicated to imparting knowledge and fostering a profound understanding of social, cultural, emotional, and environmental issues among children. Achieving this noble objective is made possible through the innovative mobile live puppet theatre, where captivating and Ministry of Education-approved puppet plays take center stage.
This exceptional theater production boasts an array of professional puppet characters, embodying diverse skin tones and disabilities. By embracing such inclusivity, Puppets World ensures that every child feels seen, heard, and empowered. The young audience derives not only enjoyment but also meaningful educational insights from the theater’s messages, actively engaging with the puppets and even presenting their own plays within this transformative space.
These remarkable plays are skillfully brought to life by internationally certified puppeteers, renowned for their expertise and captivating performances.
The accolades bestowed upon Puppets World Theatre are a testament to its outstanding contributions. Notably, it was the proud recipient of the prestigious 2022 Intercultural Achievement Award from Austria, recognizing the theater’s exceptional inclusion of over 20 different nationalities in its performances. Furthermore, the theater’s impact extends beyond cultural inclusion, as it recently reached a remarkable milestone of engaging 50,000 children through its captivating puppet shows. This remarkable feat highlights the theater’s dedication to entertaining and educating young audiences, solidifying its reputation as a truly exceptional institution. It is worth noting that the theater’s commitment to diversity and inclusivity is evident in the statistics of its beneficiaries, with 58% of them being girls, 12% being disabled, and 19% being refugees. These numbers showcase the theater’s efforts to create a welcoming and accessible environment for children from all backgrounds, ensuring that its performances are enjoyed and appreciated by a wide range of individuals.
Furthermore, Puppets World Theatre has achieved yet another groundbreaking milestone. As the world’s first puppet theater to present inclusive plays translated into sign language, it has effectively created an immersive experience tailored to the needs of deaf children. This commitment to accessibility is an embodiment of the theater’s unwavering dedication to inclusivity, further solidifying its standing as a remarkable force for positive social change.
Notably, the theater extends its vision beyond the boundaries of societal awareness, as it spearheads the development of the eco puppet theater—an unprecedented initiative in the Middle East. By dedicating itself to nurturing environmental consciousness among children, Puppets World stands as a paragon of environmental stewardship, amplifying the importance of environmental issues to foster a sustainable future.

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