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The Jarasia Charitable Society for Women extends this cultural heritage. It strives for changing perceptions and attitudes towards current issues, especially SDGs and its localization. The president of Jarasia is a strong believer of inclusiveness and embraced collaboration with Syrian Refugees and the Gaza camp since the beginning. On the occasion of Jordan’s independence celebrations, His Majesty King Abdulla II granted the president of Jarasia the ordinance of Independence in recognition of her inclusive social work.

“Jarasia Charitable Society for Women” was established in 2000 and has 20 years of experience in philanthropy, advocacy, project implementation and financial management. In addition to its 75 active women members, Jarasia has a strong community base of beneficiaries, donors, volunteers, partner organizations, and like-minded individuals. Jarasia has worked closely with the Syrian and Palestinian populations, as well as with teachers and youth (specifically in public schools). Jarasia’s position within the community makes us uniquely qualified to execute this program.

Jarasia has national experience beyond Jerash; it also has a national mandate in terms of registered geographical coverage.

Jarasia’s vision is to strive for sustainable development of local communities’ disadvantaged and marginalized groups specially women and youth through inclusive training and mentoring, empowerment, job creation and better access to resources. Jarasia has been working since establishment in different programmes for training women and youth on health, human rights and economic skills including simple accounting, management and marketing skills. The society has also worked with different donors and partners on Syrian refugees’ and host communities’ programmes.
A short list can be described as the following:
1- Revolving funds for women to establish new start-ups, the JNCW has facilitate the training, funding and project management, the fund is 40,000 USD, provided by the Royal Court and implemented by Noor Al Hussain Foundation. The project aims at creating income generating businesses for women after providing them with proper training and skills. The project is for 2 years and had started in 2018.
2- Nubader “Youth Take Initiative” l (No Generation Lost) a 192,000 JOD project. Nubader is addressing the critical needs of adolescents between the ages of 13-17 years, both Syrians and Jordanians, recognizing they are at a pivotal point in their life – between hope or hopelessness, positive change or negative, influence, and possibility or despair. The program targets vulnerable adolescent Syrian refugees and host community peers in Mafraq, Irbid, Jerash and Ajloun to develop their knowledge, life skills and ability to collaboratively pursue personal and community development goals. activities that were carried out by Jarasia association to achieve the targets of the overall programme were in training, mentoring and capacity building to:
– Improve their psychosocial well-being;
– Enhance their ability to identify and develop plans to pursue short-term goals, as well as
learn applied life skills; and
– Increase social cohesion between Syrians and their host communities.
About 1200 persons have benefited from this project and 42 trainers were hired to provide support, the project implementation period was 2 years (2014 – 2016)
3- “Leadership, Confidence and political awareness for Jordanian Women” Project is a one year project funded by the EU under an agreement with the National Centre for Human Rights, this project is a one year project ( 2017-2018) funded with 109,000 Euros ( 115,000 USD), the project targets women leaders and NGOs in Jerash and Ajlune, aiming at encouraging women and local communities to participate in the political process. Awareness was raised for more than 900 women, more than 360 women were trained on political participation and 64 women were trained on democratic participation, electoral systems and law, political rights and duties.
4- “Improving the efficiency of water usage, and land management in the Rsheedeh area in Jerash” 2009 – 2010 funded by GEF SGP UNOPS UNDP with 40,500 USD, with Notable Community Participation; The Jarasia society is situated in the Rsheedeh Area, in the Jarash Governorate. The Jarash governorate has 6000 inhabitants and around 170 thousand live in the Rsheedeh area alone. The Jarasia society was established in the year 2000 and has 60 members to date. The society currently works on providing health, educational, and environmental services to the local community. The society also concentrates on women’s capacity building and increasing women’s role in the community.
Emphasis on Sustainable Livelihoods. the project aims to improving the livelihood and living conditions of the local community, by using a circulating fund that is given to help initiate projects like implementing 15 ground wells that will collect rainwater & implementing 2 stone walls that will decrease soil erosion and help increase income.
5- Supporting women’s employment through providing day care centres, “Jarasia KG capacity building”2019 part of (Strengthening Access to Protection, Participation and Services for Women Refugees and Women in the Host Communities in Jordan) funded by European Union, EU regional trust fund (MADAD), EuroMed Feminist initiative. 9500 EUR.
6- Supporting women’s employment through home based businesses (HBB), 2020 part of (Strengthening Access to Protection, Participation and Services for Women Refugees and Women in the Host Communities in Jordan) funded by European Union, EU regional trust fund (MADAD), EuroMed Feminist initiative. 34 women participated (Jordanian and Syrian) 10,000 EUR.
7- Preserving local chickens breed in Jerash, UNDP small grant program (SGP 6) 30 local families 2020-2021, 34,500 US$.
Jarasia society has an extensive governance and organization management capacity, the society is governed by internal control SOPs for Human Resources, procurement management and financial management. On the technical side; Jarasia has been working on different funded project relevant to women participation in labour market, as mentioned earlier, Jarasia has worked with different donors and local authorities. The society has built a strong relation with relevant institutions on the local and national levels including ministry of labour, ministry of municipalities and local municipalities, chambers of commerce, ministry of social work and other social and economic development institutions.

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